About Us

An online career opportunity matching system that introduces candidates to jobs and professionals based on their needs, interests and preferences.

WhoPlusYou allows candidates to share any combination of academic work, community and work experience, awards, interests, skills, and values with employers.

Members build a digital portfolio and get connected with jobs that are relevant to their qualifications and experience through innovative means, including sophisticated computer searching, video presentations, and visual resumes.

The number one priority at WhoPlusYou is to help candidates make valuable market connections quickly and easily by matching and connecting them with relevant jobs and employers. If a candidate fits a position, the candidate will be notified by the employer.

Once connected, candidate and employers can communicate within the WhoPlusYou system by chat, video and audio conference, and through multi-media presentations. By providing a digital platform for sharing an abundance of information in a quick, structured, and visually pleasing format, WhoPlusYou marks the beginning of the end for the traditional two-page resume.

The TMU Collaboration

WhoPlusYou and Toronto Metropolitan University have collaborated in the development of a ground breaking new technology, the goal of which is to connect TMU students and alumni with the marketplace and to each other better and faster than any other system or process available today.

The system has been successfully implemented and tested at TMU and we are now beginning to share this innovation with educational institutions and their respective marketplaces.

Everyone wins. Students and Alumni will now have a full time web marketing vehicle and Employers will have a vastly more productive tool to find and communicate with their future talent.